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I take this opportunity to sincerely thank all our members for their enormous efforts in making the role of medical technologies more widely known during MedTech Week 2018 last June.

Now in it's fourth year, MedTech Week brings out the best in the companies and national associations that represent our industry. Together, they have served up dozens of examples in unwavering ingenuity to illustrate the value of medtech.

Serge Bernasconi
Chief Executive, MedTech Europe







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Bringing Sound & Vision to the message

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perspectives 2018 Dialysis at Home

‘Dialysis at home: savings lives, preserving autonomy’

Dialysis can be essential to the wellbeing of people living with kidney failure.

perspectives 2018 Protect our Health

‘Committed to protect our health from Roberto Bertollini, HFE honorary president’

perspectives 2018 Value Based Healthcare
Value of medtech, Expert

‘Thinking smarter & working harder to deliver Value-Based Healthcare – Together’

Michelle Brennan, Chair of the Board of MedTech Europe and Company Group Chair, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

perspectives 2018 AI
Digital Health, Expert

‘Artificial intelligence: The next revolution in healthcare?’

At the turn of the century, healthcare companies were at the zenith of an ‘innovate-manufacture-sell’ business model.

perspectives 2018 Musculoskeletal Healthcare
Digital Health, Expert

‘How digital technologies will reshape musculoskeletal healthcare’

Digital technologies provide an opportunity to move musculoskeletal care to the heart of value-based healthcare. MedTech Views spoke to Satschin Bansal of Zimmer Biomet about some of the innovations that will change the field.

perspectives 2018 Colorectal Cancer

‘Colorectal cancer: don’t delay diagnosis’

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the world and the second most common in Europe. The disease can be fatal but early diagnosis and intervention are improving outcomes for patients.

perspectives 2018 Diagnosing Stis
Diagnostics, Expert

‘Diagnosing STIs: faster tests for chlamydia and gonorrhoea can help reduce the spread of disease’

Advances in diagnostic technologies give patients same-day test results for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

perspectives 2018 Asthma

‘Asthma is a struggle – imagine carrying a 50kg stone around all day’

For people living with severe asthma, daily tasks can be a real challenge.

perspectives 2018 Digital Health
Digital Health, Expert

‘Digital health is here – time to take the lead’

How do we prepare Europe for future technologies?

perspectives 2018 Deafness

‘Diagnosing Deafness’

Timely cochlear implant surgery can significantly help deaf children’s speech, language, cognitive and socio-emotional behaviour.

Keeping you running

MedTech Europe go the extra mile in Brussels

The MedTech Europe team joined 40,000 runners on a warm day in Brussels for the annual 20km road race on 27 May, just as preparations for MedTech Week reached fever pitch.

Representatives from the Brussels office, member companies, national affiliates and patients, in collaboration with the Belgian Paralympic Committee, ran to raise awareness of the life-improving technologies that touch our lives. An even larger group from the Brussels office was on hand to cheer on the runners and direct supports and participants to our booth at the finish line in Parc Cinquantenaire.

Passers-by were also invited to take photos in our photo booth. This was more than just great fun. For every photo taken, a donation was made by MedTech Europe to “la Tête hors de l’Eau”, a charity that provides prosthetic limbs to children in need. A video summary on the value of medical technology was shot on the day and is available online.

‘The Brussels 20km helped to illustrate how people facing physical challenges can run, dance, walk, and live life to the fullest thanks to their new hips, insulin pumps, lenses, or pacemakers,’ said Tanja Valentin, Director External Affairs of MedTech Europe.



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