About MedTech Week

MedTech Europe is organising #MedTechWeek from 12-16 October 2020!


MedTech Week provides a European platform for local initiatives to promote the work the medical technology industry is doing together with different stakeholders – patients, carers, professionals, decision-makers and many others. Since 2015, national associations and companies held more than 150 activities every year in Europe and beyond to illustrate the role of medical technologies in saving and improving lives, and enhancing sustainable healthcare systems.

MedTech Week is a MedTech Europe initiative.

2020 Theme: Medical Technology - Creating solutions for a healthier tomorrow

We help PEOPLE

Medical technologies enable the early and accurate diagnosis of health problems, facilitating timely intervention and improving outcomes. Innovative products can replace, repair and sustain failing body functions, while telemedicine and connected devices allow remote monitoring of patient’s conditions. By accelerating recovery and keeping people healthy, modern medical technologies support people in living full and active lives.


Timely and accurate diagnostic information empowers healthcare professionals to make clinical decisions that optimize patient outcomes. By reducing patient recovery times and surgical complication rates, the medical technology sector helps ease the pressure on healthcare professionals by reducing demand. In addition, by freeing healthcare professionals to focus on tasks where they add most value, we support workplace satisfaction.


By helping citizens to stay socially and economically active, and by preventing serious complications of chronic disease, medical technologies can add value to healthcare systems and to society. Medical technology innovations help to deliver efficiency and enhance the sustainability of healthcare. Our industry is facilitating advances in healthcare deliver by bringing the latest benefits of big data and machine learning to clinics all sizes.


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