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I am particularly pleased to see so many examples of companies reaching out to their communities and engaging with employees – after all, medtech is really about people rather than technology.

Serge Bernasconi
Chief Executive, MedTech Europe
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Perspectives New role for Clinical Research Organisations
Regulations and legal, Expert

New role for Clinical Research Organisations

Two new EU Regulations will require the collection and analysis of more data during clinical investigations

Perspectives Green is the new black
Value of medtech, Expert

Green is the new black

Climate action is rightfully gaining space on the policy agenda. Healthcare is part of the problem and must become part of the solution.

Perspectives Improving the lives of people living with diabetes
Diabetes, Expert

Improving the lives of people living with diabetes

It is incredible when I think that nearly 100 years have passed since the discovery of insulin. Since then, insulin has saved the lives of millions of people living with diabetes around the world.

Perspectives What do patients want
Diagnostics, Expert

What do patients want?

Patients don’t care about technology – they care about the quality of life

Perspectives Career inspiration My journey in biomedical engineering
Career and education, Expert

Career inspiration: My journey to biomedical engineering

At the age of seventeen, I was good at maths and sciences, but I did not know what to study after secondary school.

Perspectives Are you ready for Eudamed
Regulations and legal, Expert

Are you ready for Eudamed?

One of the biggest changes on the healthcare horizon will be new EU requirements for product information. If you are not already preparing for this, start now – the clock is ticking.

Perspectives Changing health changing lives
Value of medtech, Expert

Changing health, changing lives

Our sector has changed a great deal in the last decade, but there is much more innovation to come – notably in customisation and data.

Perspectives Incontinence  Breaking the taboo
Value of medtech, Expert

Incontinence: Breaking the taboo

The condition can be treated, often cured, and always managed

Perspectives Will it make the boat go faster
Value of medtech, Expert

‘Will it make the boat go faster?’

We need to work in partnership with healthcare providers to understand the true value of technologies.

Perspectives The future of medicine is personal
Value of medtech, Expert

The future of medicine is personal

We must all play our part in embedding personalised medicine into Europe’s healthcare systems

What do patients want?

Patients don’t care about technology – they care about the quality of life

Alexandre Ceccaldi

General Secretary, European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN)

Everything we know about healthcare will be totally different in 20 years. Our most important task is to integrate new technologies in a way that always benefits patients.

I see three ways in which technologies can transform the continuum of care for the good of patients. First, a modern health system should seek to avoid the acute phase of care through smarter prevention and earlier diagnosis. Basically, it is all about not becoming a patient, through wellness care.

Second, we must optimise the management of the acute phase when it occurs. Patients who require hospitalisation should benefit from personalised approaches and a faster return to their normal life back at home.

Third, technologies can enable accelerated and better recovery. Robotics is, for instance, a great tool for rehabilitation. The combination of sensor technology, remote monitoring, education and digital tools can reduce relapse by detecting early warning signs.

Can Europe be the place to invent this future of medicine? The big challenge we see ahead is finding ways to bring these very diverse technologies together into an innovation-friendly ecosystem.

To do this, we should commit to three goals: building a community regrouping all emerging medical technologies; shaping a common vision along the continuum of care; and providing tailored support to the best European innovators.

This is not about pushing technology for technology’s sake. Our common aim must remain to improve citizen’s lives, in smarter ways.

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