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Future generations may ask: What did you do when the COVID-19 crisis struck? The pandemic challenged all of us, personally and professionally, and I am proud to be part of a sector that found solutions to our shared problems. In the face of adversity, we jumped into action.

Serge Bernasconi
Chief Executive, MedTech Europe
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mHealth at a tipping point

mHealth at a tipping point?

COVID-19 showed the value of digital health technologies. Now, financing new care pathways using such technology enables mHealth apps to go mainstream.

Health & research  why regulations matter

Health & research: why regulations matter

Researchers and clinicians must understand the regulatory rules so we can shape and apply them.

Medtech in a time of crisis

Medtech in a time of crisis

How the COVID-19 crisis changed my perception of the medical device regulatory framework

Digital disruption in diabetes care

Digital disruption in diabetes care

What a rollercoaster the last few months have been – a world has been defined through the lens of a global COVID-19 pandemic has embraced digital technology

Tele  medicine in the spotlight

Telemedicine in the spotlight

How the COVID-19 crisis changed my perception of the medical device regulatory framework

Pharmacys digital  future

Pharmacy’s digital future

A pharmacy student’s view on digitalisation and eHealth in community pharmacies across Europe

Regions can drive value

Regions can drive value

Procurement of innovative solutions by regional authorities will help public healthcare systems rise to the challenges we face

The digital  transformation  of cancer  care

The digital transformation of cancer care

New Digital Health Network will focus on embracing new and existing digital tools

Europes post crisis vision

Europe’s post-crisis vision

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a crisis in our health systems from which we must learn – research and innovation on post-acute and long-term care are essential

Wanted  EU action on health

Wanted: EU action on health

The new second mandate of the European Parliament Interest Group is an opportunity to focus on innovation in health and social care

Pharmacy’s digital future

A pharmacy student’s view on digitalisation and eHealth in community pharmacies across Europe

Piotr Nawrocki

Policy Affairs Coordinator, European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

Digitalisation has become an inseparable part of the modern world. It affects many aspects of our lives including healthcare systems.

These days, 100% of pharmacies in Europe are computerised and a stable internet connection is a crucial element of pharmacists’ work, as electronic prescriptions are replacing traditional paper prescriptions in the majority of European countries.

In my opinion, this results in a wide range of benefits such as ensuring the authenticity of the prescription and identification of the prescriber, improved integration with patients’ health records and minimising dispensing errors. It also reduces the time needed for administrative duties, which allows pharmacists to dedicate more time to patients.

For me, looking at all these digital tools, the big question is whether pharmacists are receiving the support needed to use them. I can tell you that pharmacy students are keen on technology but are offered too little training.

EPSA has constantly been advocating for implementing eHealth and digital skills in the pharmaceutical curricula. As we mark MedTech Week 2020 – which this year focuses on the use of digital technologies and solutions – we must not only look at ways to remove any existing barriers, but to also provide better education to healthcare professionals so they can harness the benefits of digital health technologies.

I am confident that digital technologies will be central to our work as the pharmacists of the future. We need the skills and tools to get the most from these innovations.

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