December 1, 2020

MedTech Week 2020 - The outcomes

The sixth edition of MedTech Week was another success thanks to all the national associations, companies and different stakeholders who took part in it!

This year, many members and external stakeholders engaged, despite the COVID-19 crisis. We were particularly pleased to see an increase in the number of external stakeholders showing an interest in MedTech Week. Now in its sixth year, this annual event focuses not only on technologies but on the people and partnerships that drive progress in healthcare.

The challenges posed by COVID-19, with which you are all familiar, may have changed the format of our activities – but MedTech Week was still a source of inspiration and collaboration for our colleagues and the millions of people we reached this year.

Here some figures: 

  • 43 members engaged with 88 activities in 19 EU countries

  • 54 external stakeholders took part in the campaign

  • 24 perspectives were published on our website, signed by patients and experts

  • 7 million views on social media

  • 75,000 pages views on the MedTech Week website

Additionally, the first-ever physical advertising campaign took place in many metro stations in Brussels, with a series of 3 printed posters and a big digital screen.

Our industry is more than ever united in a common effort to promote how medical technologies can improve people’s lives by creating solutions for a healthier tomorrow.
We would like to thank you all for your active engagement and for all your efforts in making MedTech Week 2020 a success.

Stay tuned for the MedTech Week magazine!