June 3, 2019

MedTech Week kicks off today! 

A tsunami of activities hits Europe

National associations, companies and external stakeholders started their activities this morning all over Europe, to illustrate the role of medical technologies in saving and improving lives, and enhancing sustainable healthcare systems.

BioMerieux, Biotronik, Boston Scientific, Cook Medical, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, Medtronic, Resmed, Siemens Healthineers, and Smith & Nephew were the most active companies in promoting the value of medical technology throughout physical events, engagement with their employees and social media campaigns.

Apifarma, beMedTech, BVMed, Fenin, Medicoindustrien, and Snitem were also extremely active at the national level: they prepared videos, quizzes, posters, internal contests in different languages and provided great social media and press coverage.

Finally, let’s mention IDF Europe, Fundacion Tecnologia y Salud, EPRISE, MedTech Engine, First Word MedTech and SHIL for their extensive engagement!

Do you want to know more about what is happening this week? Check our map of activities and follow #MedTechWeek.