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Future generations may ask: What did you do when the COVID-19 crisis struck? The pandemic challenged all of us, personally and professionally, and I am proud to be part of a sector that found solutions to our shared problems. In the face of adversity, we jumped into action.

Serge Bernasconi
Chief Executive, MedTech Europe
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Diabetes tech: a history of innovation

Technologies available to monitor and manage diabetes have significantly advanced

‘When I was first diagnosed, it was really hard to get me excited about diabetes tech,’ said Stephanie Haack from Germany. ‘Today, more than 11 years later, advancements in diabetes tech fascinate me more than anything, and I love trying new equipment.’

Stephanie’s testimony was just one of several personal stories from people living with diabetes shared online during MedTech Week. Her story was part of a series of social media messages posted by Ascensia Diabetes Care on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The campaign focused on how medtech innovation has advanced since their diagnosis and could shape the future of diabetes management.

People with diabetes reflected on how the field has changed since their diagnosis. Looking back over several years – and sometimes decades – the testimonies portrayed a sector where innovation has greatly improved people’s lives. In doing so, it illustrated the progress that has been made and generated optimism about further advances on the horizon.

The burden of diabetes is growing in Europe, reinforcing the need to monitor and manage the condition effectively to reduce the risk of complications. The need for patient-centred innovation is stronger than ever, with people looking for solutions that make their lives easier.

‘I want tech to make life with diabetes easier,’ said Stephanie. ‘I don’t want to play around with a million little features. I don’t want to log and analyse lots of data manually. What I want is to put less time, energy and brainpower into my diabetes management. Less diabetes. more living!’



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