B. Braun MedTech Week 2018 Activities

To remain a front-runner in innovation, B. Braun launched its Accelerator Programme in 2017. By cooperating with start-ups and sharing learning experiences, medical technology is actively advanced. Within the six-month programme B. Braun organises several bootcamps for the Accelerator participants – one is taking place during the last week of May. During this event, which takes place under the umbrella of MedTech Week 2018, the start-ups will get individually tailored measures, like access to different resources, comprehensive knowledge from internal and external experts and mentors or the provision of a work environment. Visit their website for more informations about the Accelerator programme and the bootcamp during MedTech Week. 

International Incontinence Day

An estimated 200 million people worldwide are coping with incontinence issues – a widespread problem affecting people of all ages that B. Braun takes seriously. In the context of MedTech Week 2018, B. Braun will be raising awareness for this prevalent issue during International Incontinence Day on June 3rd. Medical devices enable people to be treated for both chronic and acute urinary disorders and to enable them to live active lives once more. An article about incontinence's impact on people's everyday life, and how medical technologies can help will be shared. Follow B. Braun online to learn more. 


B. Braun will be present during the annual Medicines and Healthcare Congress, from 6 until 8 June in Berlin. B. Braun will be bringing attention to the importance of medical devices in achieving sustainable healthcare systems through its booth at the congress. Policy-makers, payors, HCPs, fellow industry, and the general public will be engaged both face-to-face and through social media. Follow B. Braun on Twitter and Facebook to hear about the congress and take part in the quiz!

June 4, 2018

June 8, 2018