B. Braun Children’s and Youth Week

Every year, the B. Braun Children’s and Youth Weeks offers children from educational institutions an opportunity to experience science.

B. Braun staged its first Children’s Week in May 2008. In 2015 3.500 guests between the ages of three and eighteen attended the event in the headquarters in Melsungen.

Tinkering with a robot, blowing giant soap bubbles or spending a day with the fire  department – once a year, under the motto “Research needs young talent”, the B. Braun Children and Youth Weeks offer exciting opportunities to experience the world of science first hand. B. Braun hosts children and young people from various educational institutions in Melsungen, Germany, for one week. Besides workshops in the research tents, there are also field trips to regional facilities.

June 13, 2016

June 17, 2016