Apormed activities all around Portugal

The Portuguese Medical Device Association, Apormed, will kick-off MedTech Week 2018 with an informative session on the importance of prosthetics at the University of Medicine. Two Paralympics athletes will discuss their experience with prosthetic limbs, how it has shaped their lives and enabled them to accomplish great sports achievements. Apormed aims to raise the profile of the sector among HCPs-to-be, and highlight the value of medical technology.

A multi-faceted media campaign during MedTech Week aims to focus on several aspects of medical technology and contribute to contemporary debates. Apormed will be working together with the daily newspaper Diario de Notícias to publish an article about the value medical devices bring to so many people’s lives.  An opinion piece by Apormed’s Secretary General about how the concept of Value-Based Health Care can revolutionise healthcare practices and improve the uptake of medical devices will be disseminated to both the national and regional press.

Apormed will share several videos throughout the week. A vox pop in the streets of Lisbon will gauge the public's view on medical technology. Another video will provide testimonials from patients whose life has been changed through the use of medical devices. During a TV interview in SIC Notícias, MedTech Week and the importance of innovation in the sector will be discussed.

Throughout the week, the association will run a social media campaign through their LinkedIn page. Apormed's website will feature information on MedTech Week and an interactive quiz. Articles and opinion pieces will be shared through Diario de Notícias’ channels, and other possible stakeholders’.

Stay tuned to Apormed’s social media and website to hear more about their MedTech Week 2018 initiatives.

June 4, 2018

June 8, 2018


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