Medtek Norge joins this year's MedTech Week through a series of events aimed at promoting the role of life-changing technologies in our lives. Please check below what they have in store for this week and their activities leading up to MedTech Week:

  • Workshop on ESPD-form and KGV in public procurement, 23 June, 9am – 11am

The ESPD form intends to create simplification, but has also contributed to many questions both of a practical and legal nature for the suppliers who will submit the self-declaration together with their offerings. In this workshop we will review the ESPD form and the process for submitting it.

  • Experiences with the use of the self-declaration. Has it led to simplification?
  • Completion of the form, practical challenges
  • What if the form is incorrectly filled?
  • What documentation can and should the client request?
  • Practical use of KGV / ESPD


[23 June 2017]




Please check below other adjacent activities Medtek Norge has organised in connection with MedTech Week 2017:

  • Conference on medical technologies and innovation in the health service, 8 June

During the conference on 8 June, the panellists together with the participants discussed the introduction of new technology and innovation in the health system, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for Medical Devices, Health Economics Documentation in the medtech industry, and public procurement as a tool for developing the health of the future in Norway.


  • Editorial on Health EnvironmentTechnology

Please check out the editorial in Norwegian here.


  • New ethical guidelines strengthen medtech industry’s integrity, 1 June

Recently, Pablo Rojas Abad, Officer Legal & Compliance in Medtech Europe participated at a Medtek Norway seminar. He told about the introduction of the new ethical guidelines and the consequences of them. The purpose of the new rules is to substantiate the industry's professionalism and establish good common ethical guidelines. The goal is to reduce the room for misunderstandings and interpretations.

We received positive feedback from our main customers that suppliers in Medtek Norway assume obligations through the new ethical regulations.

Tune in to #MedTechWeek to find out more. 

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