• 20Jun
  • Berlin


  • Poster Campain „Live better with laboratory diagnostics“: Plakatkampagne mit dem Berufsverband ALM e.V.:(Akkreditierte Labore in der Medizin e.V.), 20 June 2017

The German Association for the Diagnostics Industry (VDGH) and the Association of accredited medical laboratories(ALM) started their poster campain „Live better with laboratory diagnostics“ on 18 May, when the G20 meeting of health care decision-makers took place in Berlin to discuss future challenges in health care. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness on the importance of medical laboratory diagnostics in today´s health care as three in four medical decisions are based on laboratory medicine. As Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) are identified as one of the top priority problems within the next years, the campain chose to start with these themes to show the importance of laboratory diagnostics in fighting antibiotic resistence. The second poster campaing to be rolled out will take place on 20 June, when the Hauptstadtkongress for medicine and health opens its doors in Berlin.

To navigate through posters, please click on Live better with laboratory diagnostics.  

  • „Football for diabetes“, 27 June, Berlin

For several years now, VDGH supports the annual football match between representatives of the German Diabetes Organisation, diabetesDE, and members of the German Parliament, FC Bundestag, which will take place on 27 June in Berlin.

VDGH and diabetesDE are united in the aim to ensure a high quality patient-centered care and raise their voices together to make diabetes more visible in our society. With already more than 6 millions patients in Germany and a high rate of increase, diabetes becomes one of the biggest health problem in the country, as it is all over the world. The aim of these efforts is to increase the awareness on the disease, and strengthen prevention and information, but also point out the need for a high quality patient-centered care. Bloodsugar and glucose self-monitoring gives patients the opportunity to get control of their disease and manage to integrate the treatment in their daily lives. But also decelerate cost-intensive secondary sicknesses. Patient empowerment is one of the key elements in the  treatment of diabetes. That's why VDGH organises at the foodball match a bloodsugar-mesuring promotion and informs about diabetes in general. Curious to find out more? Check out the promotional video and join us spreading the word about diabetes and how it can be better managed.

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organised by:
Der Verband der Diagnostica-Industrie e.V. (VDGH)

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