• 19Jun
  • Lisbon


APORMED joins efforts to showcase medical technologies in Europe with the occasion of this year's MedTech Week edition. Please find below their schedule for the week: 


People on the street get to have their saying! What do they know about medical devices? Out of a few choices, would they know which one is a medical device? How’s their understanding of the industry itself? APORMED will wander the neighbourhoods of Lisbon to check their knowledge. A video will be available on APORMED website as well as APORMED LinkedIn page. Check it out!

*** [23 June 2017]

Want to find out the results? Nothing easier! Tune in on YouTube and LinkedIn.

  • Opinion Article from Dr. João Gonçalves, General Secretary for APORMED,  Diário de Notícias Online, 19 June 2017

Check out here the Opinion Article from Dr. João Gonçalves, General Secretary for APORMED in Diário de Notícias Online:  « Active aging should increasingly be a priority in today's societies. Finding balanced solutions to live longer and with a better quality of life will be the main challenge. » Dr. João Gonçalves was also interviewed for Rádio Terra Nova, which you can listen to here

  • An Interview with APORMED President

APORMED President, Mrs Antonieta Lucas, will be interviewed on the role of medical technologies in our current societies.

*** [23 June 2017]

You can read the interview in Jornal Económico and Saúde Online. Check them out! 

  • Interactive Quiz in Portuguese 

Check it out here

  • Patient and their stories

Patients are joining efforts to promote the role of medical technologies in leading active and healthy lives. Follow our #MedTechWeek to get to know them and find out their stories. 

*** [23 June 2017]

Check out APORMED's video with testimonials from doctors and patients whose lives have been improved by medical technologies. 

  • TV Report on Medical Devices

RTP1, one of Portugal's major public TC channels, published a TV report on a medical device used in nephrology. You can now check it out here



Follow #MedTechWeek to join the conversation! To find out more about APORMED, visit their website at www.apormed.pt.

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