As last year, MED-EL has joined forces with other MedTech Europe members to raise awareness on the many benefits of medical technologies! Through a number of events taking place during our MedTech Week, hearing loss will be at the forefront of topics to discuss. Affecting more and more people, this condition is starting to get the right attention from decision-makers, patients and healthcare professionals. Interested to find out more? Check out below MED-EL programme for the week.

  • Internal Awareness Meetup on MedTech Week, 19 June, Innsbruck

MED-EL kicks off MedTech Week through an Internal Awareness Meetup at its HQ in Innsbruck. MED-EL’s senior management will find out more about MedTech Week activities all over Europe and beyond. And throughout 19-23 June, MedTech Week takes centre stage on MED-EL’s internal website!

  • Software Product Training, 19-22 June, Innsbruck

Audiology—a branch of science that studies hearing, balance and related disorders—are of utmost importance to people suffering from hearing loss. Using today’s modern technologies, they help millions of patients worldwide in their quest to manage their condition. And as we all know, the software side of these technologies keeps evolving from one day to another. In this sense, MED-EL brings together in their HQ in Innsbruck audiologists from across the globe for software product training.

  • Lunch & Learn Session on MedTech Week, 20 June

MedTech Week—a much awaited series of events now! MED-EL wants to spread the word about it amongst its employees at a Lunch & Learn session. Live broadcasted and recorded, MedTech Week will take centre stage at MED-EL.

  • Symposium for Speech Therapists, Friedberg, 22-23 June

You have heard for sure about “speech therapists”. They help patients throughout the world with a broad scope of speech, language, swallowing, and voice issues involving communication. For people suffering from hearing loss, they are of immense help. This is why this year MED-EL brings a number of speakers to the Friedberg symposium to raise awareness on their importance and their impact.

  • IFOS World Congress, 24-28 June, Paris

Organised since 1928, the IFOS Congress brings together every four years otorhinolaryngologists from across the world. MED-EL joins these efforts through a series of workshops and events where different stakeholders will discuss the latest developments in this domain. There will also be a MED-EL booth, where everyone can drop by and find out more about MED-EL technologies for hearing loss.

Want to find out more? Follow MED-EL’s website at www.medel.com and join the conversation at #MedTechWeek or @medel!

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