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On 8 June, the Hungarian Association of Medical Devices Manufacturers (AMDM) organises a roundtable forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the recent changes to the Public Procurement Regulation. Published in January, the new add-ons are expected to affect the industry, for example through an increase in red tape, which would only prologue the procurement process and thus affect the swift work of healthcare professionals.

This roundtable forum will bring together 20 participants from health industry, relevant government offices, and co-associations.

An event summary will be published on 21 June on our website!

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[21 June 2017]

The Hungarian Parliament  adopted an amendment  to the Public Procurement Act in January that has had negative effects on the market mainly because of the increase in red tape. It is also problematic, that the controlling public administrative bodies have been highly active in the field of medical devices public procurement. After the audition of some hospitals led by the State Audit Office, the Public Procurement Arbitration Board impeached not only the institutes because of the ignoration of the public procurement law,  but also took legal actions in accordance with civil law against hospitals and suppliers on the basis of joint and several liability.

As a result in healthcare, patients remain unprovided for, or even may die because of the lack of medical devices. Therefore, the Hungarian Association of Medical Devices Manufacturers (AMDM) organised a roundtable forum On 8 June  in the building of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. For a summary on amendments, please click here [English].

There were participants from the public procurement departments and directorates of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Human Capacities (m.s. Ministry of Health) and the National Healthcare Services Center. The leaders of the Hungarian Hospital Association, the Association of the Economic Managers of Health and the member company board leaders of AMDM and other co-associations,  altogether 25 participants,  came together to discuss the following issues, proposals:

  1. The administration of public procurement tenders is difficult and bureaucratic.
  2. Specific regulations should be developed for those specific cases, scope of products that induce one-time bidding, one-provider tenders.
  3. Elaboration of value based procurement criteria, prevalence of quality criteria,  room of manoeuvre for hospitals is needed.
  4. Employment of detainees should not be a primary consideration in healthcare public procurements.

As a result of the really fruitful roundtable discussion two working groups were  set up. One for the alteration of the public procurement regulation and the other for value based public procurements.

Although the forum was not open to the public or press, governmental side has been intending to communicate it later on.


organised by:
Association of Medical Devices Manufacturers

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