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Europe’s health care systems grow ever more fragile as the demands of the market increase and evolve. Across years of fiscal constraint, cost-effectiveness measures in health care provision have become policymakers’ de facto Band-Aid even though most agree that Europe must eventually move toward a value-based, people-centric approach. But as the old systems slip steadily into critical condition, the time is ripe for Europe to get serious about holistic systemic change. Instead of focusing on cost-containment to save Europe’s ailing public health systems, this transformation requires a new approach that emphasizes return on investment:  the improved patient-relevant outcomes and population health that are essential to sustainability. This paradigm shift will require buy-in from across the health care ecosystem.

There are signs of progress. The European Cooperation on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) – among the promising initiatives to push for a paradigm shift in health system approaches –  is under review this year by the European Commission. Whilst the traditional remit of HTA is to inform national decision-making in health care, there is growing awareness that HTAs have a role to play in rethinking the way health systems function and provide access to innovations that are valuable for the patient as well as the system as a whole.

In this moment of transition, Europe must answer some tough questions. How do we define, and measure, value? Will different interpretations of value prevent Europe from effectively deploying value-based health care? How will HTAs fit in the effort to make public health systems future-proof? Can HTAs make a holistic approach more realistic? How do we address cultural and security concerns about privacy? How can we assess value at the individual patient level as well as value for the health system, writ large?

This POLITICO event will convene European policymakers, medical professionals, patients and health innovators to discuss how to ensure our health systems leverage a holistic approach to improve patient outcomes while maintaining – or even decreasing – costs.

On 19 June, the event summary of Putting Value at the Heart of Healthcare will be available on MedTech Week website!  


[19 June 2017]

You can now listen to the event and check out photos on POLITICO's web page dedicated to the event [here]. 

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