Fenin is all about the value of healthcare technology and this year they've got a few activities in store for MedTech Week. Check them all below:

  • Article on the value of healthcare technology, New Medical Economics. To read it, please click here [ES].​
  • Be a pro in medical technology: meet and learn session, 23 June, Madrid

Learning is always a great idea, especially when one does it together with their friends or coworkers. At Fenin, we praise our continuous quest for new knowledge and this year is no different. Fenin will take MedTech Week a step further and get involved themselves in an information-sharing activity: a medtech showroom. Colleagues will be informed on renal and hospital sanitary products and essential life-support drugs, including dialysis treatments, both in the hospital and at home. Want to see Fenin "at work"? Check out the photo below.

Fenin Employees


  • Value of health technology in ophthalmology, 17 June, Madrid 

Nonetheless, what better way to learn about medical technology products than from patients? On 17 June, under the theme Value of health technology in ophthalmology, Fenin will meet with ophthalmology patients to find out more about their impressions and share our knowlede on current and upcoming medical technologies. 

*** [23 June 2017]

On 17 June, ophthalmology patients shared their problems, difficulties, challenges and opportunities in our country and the benefits offered by the Healthcare Technology Sector. Please read more about the meeting here and check out aphoto from the meeting here below.


Follow our hashtag #MedTechWeek for more information!

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