Value of the medtech sector in Ireland

Value of the medtech sector in Ireland, contribution of medtech industry to European society and economy, Cook as part of a wider pan-European medtech community

Employees of Cook Medical and outreach to general public through followers on social media are the focus of MedTech Week initiatives. Bill Doherty, MD & Executive Vice President gave an interview with local media on why Cook are supporting MedTech week. Bill will also speak at IMDA/RCSI Symposium on how industry collaboration allows for better patient outcomes in Dublin, Ireland on June 14th.

  • We are encouraging employees to participate with a medtech-themed quiz, which is based on the online quiz available on MedTech Europe, and will be an interactive way for employees to test their knowledge of medtech.
  • Cook IRL will circulate a daily e-letter to all employees with content such as facts about the industry, patient stories and insight into what activities are happening on that particular day across Europe to show the impact of the medtech sector in a European context.
  • Share the results of the IMDA public opinion survey.
  • Heighten awareness of the event and create a positive atmosphere onsite, by having posters/infographics/key statistics etc around the facility, decorating the cafeteria with MedTech Week branded balloons, giving employees free ice cream.
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