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SIEDMA - Communication workshop on the MedTech Europe Code of Ethics

The Slovenian Medical Devices Association, SLOMED, and the Association of Producers and Distributors of IVD, SIEDMA, are joining forces for MedTech Week 2018. SLOMED and SIEDMA will be making efforts to implement the MedTech Code in Slovenia to ensure that all interactions between companies and healthcare professionals and organisations are ethical and professional.

To promote the MedTech Code internally and enable attendees to propagate the values externally, a communications workshop has been organised for members to become ambassadors of the MedTech Code. The workshop will also be used to target potential new SLOMED members, and raise the overall profile of the industry. Following up to the communications workshop, the MedTech Code will be promoted externally by engaging healthcare professionals and organisations.

Both SLOMED and SIEDMA are confident that the MedTech Code can boost the industry’s reputation and profile in Slovenia.

Communication workshop for SLOMED and SIEDMA members

During MedTech Week, SLOMED and SIEDMA associations will gather all members in a workshop aimed at promoting the code itself as well as giving the participants a chance to meet and discuss in an informal environment. Working teams will raise awareness about MedTech Europe Code of Ethics and its importance in Slovenian environment. 

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