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Philips & POLITICO - Conference "Artificial Intelligence: the next frontier in healthcare?"

Conference on the role of AI in healthcare (20 June)

The race to artificial intelligence (AI) is on, including in the healthcare sector. EU policymakers have been discussing what Europe should do to get on the AI train while also appropriately regulate its use. The European Commission’s communication was unveiled in April.

AI and robotics offer many promises for health care systems and delivery. The data explosion in the sector combined with the well-known challenges of an ageing population, rising costs and staff shortages lay the ground for AI to disrupt the way we deliver health care for the better. But before that happens, policymakers, healthcare professionals, industry experts and patients need to make sure the right conditions are met in terms of regulations, training and adoption.

  • What are the use cases for artificially intelligent technologies in health care? How can AI help address the sector’s most pressing challenges?
  • What is the potential of AI in processing data in an understandable and actionable way? Is the data currently collected clean and refined enough?
  • Do patients and health professionals understand and trust AI enough to put care in its hands?
  • What security, liability and insurance issues need to be resolved?
  • Overall, how can we ensure that AI adoption in healthcare is done ethically and sustainably?

On 20 June, the event summary of "Artificial Intelligence: the next frontier in healthcare?" will be available on MedTech Week website!  


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