Nefemed - Symposia on Reimbursement System and Value-Based Healthcare

During MedTech Week 2018, the Dutch association of the medtech industry, Nefemed, is organising its annual Member Assembly, General Meeting, and two symposiums on the future of healthcare and the role of medical technology.

On June 6, Ulrich Oron will speak about the reimbursement system for medical technology in the Netherlands. Sets of criteria and methods of research that are important for the medtech industry to adhere to in order to qualify for reimbursement will be laid out. The symposium’s practical qualities make this an informative session for the medtech industry.

The second symposium of the day will focus on the future of Dutch health care systems by delving into Value-Based Health Care with a specific focus on the insurance perspective. Guest speaker Nicole Poldervaart of Menzis health care insurance will provide insights to how Value-Based Health Care can revolutionise reimbursement systems. She will discuss how payment or reimbursement procedures could become obsolete, insurers only financially rewarding good patient outcomes and added value of health care instead. Furthermore, an analysis of possible effects of Value-Based Health Care on procurement systems and its implications for the medtech industry will be debated. 

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