20KM Brussels run - MTE: "We Run For Your Health"

To celebrate the life-improving qualities of medical technologies, the MedTech Europe team will be running for your health in the Brussels 20K race on May 27th. A group of MedTech Europe team members, affiliates and patients will be running 20 kilometres to raise awareness of the importance of medical technologies. Countless people facing physical challenges are able to run, dance, walk, and generally live to the fullest thanks to their new hips, insulin pumps, lenses, or pacemakers. We’re sure many runners will be thankful to have blister band-aids at their disposal after the run! 


A social media campaign leading up to and during the day will chronical how our team is preparing for the race and discuss examples of how medical technology changes people’s lives. MedTech Europe colleagues and members will be rooting for our team making a big splash at the race. 


Additionally, a booth at the finish line in the Parc Cinquantenaire will be set up to engage passers-by, raise our profile, and make it a memorable day. Our mascot Sonja will be seen cheering for the runners, and drawing the public to the booth, in which a team will be discussing all matter medical technology. Everyone will be invited to take photos in our photo booth, for which each photo taken represents a one Euro donation from MedTech Europe to "La tete sur l'eau", part of the "Belgian Paralympic Committee, a charity that provides prosthetic limbs to children in need. 


MedTech Europe will be collaborating with the Brussels Times to cover the stories of our team. During MedTech Week 2018, an article will appear in the Brussels Times magazine and online, accompanied with online advertising and a summary video showing our team’s accomplishments. 


The MedTech Europe team invites you to celebrate the value of medical technology with us at the Brussels 20K race on May 27th! 

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MedTech Europe

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